REDNP provides user friendly Project Team Coordination Software that empowers effective communication between project members.

Optimize Your Performance with:

  • Custom task lists
  • Centralized document repository
  • Universal access 24/7
  • Track multiple projects’ progress
  • Coordinate directly with multiple project teams
  • Automatic email notification


REDNP saves you time and money by enhancing the way your team communicates. REDNP’s user-friendly online platform simplifies team coordination, and increases overall project organization – making you and your team more productive, whatever kind of work you do.


REDNP enhances individual and team organization throughout the project life cycle. REDNP provides an innovative, customizable, online platform that functions as your central hub to manage project tasks, post and share documents, and so much more.


REDNP provides an elegant, robust solution that will reinforce and enhance your team’s professional image. REDNP integrates with many common computer applications – synchronizing with your local calendar, and producing automatic email notifications and reminders sent directly to your team members’ local in-box.

Please look around this site and see for yourself how REDNP can help you succeed. Be sure to View the Demo to get a feel for how powerful, and how truly user-friendly this software is. Feel free to also Contact Us if you’d like more information or to provide your feedback.